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3 min readOct 25, 2023


Great companies are backed by great investors and with that is a team willing to walk with you through it all. In one of our biggest achievements as a company this year, we managed to close our pre-seed round all thanks to a supportive group of investors. In our VC spotlight, we will share some of our investor news and the phenomenal work they are doing in Africa

P1 ventures

This year, we had a chance to host the founder and general partner of the P1 Ventures, M. Mikael Hajjar. The Pan-African venture capital firm has so far invested in 29 early-stage companies across 10 different countries since its inception in 2020. Besides Kotani Pay, Some of the most notable companies P1 has also invested in include @yassir in Algeria, Lamiand MarketForce of Kenya, and YODWAY of Egypt among others.

Mikael and the Kotani Pay team in Nairobi

We would also like to give hearty congratulations to the Venture firm for its recent accomplishment of closing its second fund at $25 million. You can read more on this here

Digital Currency Group (DCG)

Aaron Fu and Felix Macharia

Our CEO, Felix Macharia had a chance to meet with Aaron Fu , VP of fintech ventures at Digital Currency Group. This venture capital is one of the most active investors in the digital currency industry since 2012 and has so far invested in 200 companies in more than 25 countries across the world.


Flori Startups

Flori venture is a seed-stage fund that has so far backed 80+ startups with $30M+. We had a chance to participate in one of its accelerator programs alongside great startups such as Bitmama, Paychant , Kotani Pay , Aya (Techstars ‘23), and HoneyCoin in Spain. The accelerator program equips startups with the necessary skills to be market-ready and investor-ready.


Vincent Li and William Phelps at ETHSafari

The Adaverse is the Cardano Foundation accelerator and leading Web3 venture fund in Africa. Through its partnership with NODO , a Pan-African Web3 Discovery and News service, and EMURGO,a venture arm focused on Africa and the Middle East, they have launched Web3 Frontrunner 100 to showcase leading Web3 projects, VCs, and accelerators across the African continent.

Wuri ventures

Tijan and the Kotani Pay team in Nairobi

We also had the pleasure of hosting Tijan Watt from Wuri Ventures, a venture firm focused on innovating the spectrum between market-based solutions and pure public goods. Wuri Ventures has also invested in companies such as Jetstream Africa and Norebase.

We would like to thank PEER VC , Random Cannon, First Helm, Ride VC, @RCA Ventures and our angels and their teams for all their support.



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