Happy New Year — Kotani Pay

As we begin a new year, we’re proud to take stock of the achievements in 2020. Kotani Pay is just over 8 months old, but we’re grateful for your support thus far.

Kotani Pay is a middleware technology service that allows you to connect to the Blockchain without the need for a high end smartphone, and with only cellular connectivity. Even without internet connectivity, we enable you to access crypto assets from the Blockchain and straight to your mobile money wallet.

In 2020, besides refining our product, we participated in the Celo Bootcamp, emerging winners of the Celo Tenet Award. We on-boarded the first batch of users in a pilot program, learning more about ourselves along the way. We learnt what we needed to do better to serve our customers better.

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We then went on to participate in the ICON Hyperhack, emerging as the top team in the Financial Services Category and securing a $1000 award that went into our product. This win gave us the motivation to push even harder.

Thereafter, we participated in the Babylon Project Hackathon where we were the best team overall, winning the $100,000 grant and an opportunity to participate in an incubation program with Aves Lair in Quarter 1 of 2021. This was an amazing stride for us, allowing us to on-board Advisory Board Members to strengthen the capacity and competence of the team.

We have successfully integrated with a number of clients and are in the process of integration with others. We enable users of the platforms we serve to withdraw from their crypto wallets directly to their mobile money wallets as on M-Pesa. We shall be working on a Deposit API to enable deposits into crypto wallets within this new year.

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We are grateful for the support, and we aim to offer more frictionless service as we enable you to earn, withdraw, save, and pay with Kotani Pay. We wish you a prosperous 2021, from all of us at Kotani Pay!

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