“Dankon Celo Community”: Kotani Pay Awarded Celo Wave III Grant

It is with deep gratitude that the Kotani Pay family, including our partners and community, receives the 2021 Celo Wave 3 Community Grant. The grant will go a long way to enable our mission to serve as a frictionless bridge between crypto and fiat for the unbanked and for new adopters in search of alternative payment systems.

We are fully aligned with Celo’s mission of inclusive decentralization enabling billions of people especially in emerging and frontier markets to access permissionless, more affordable and more inclusive means of payment.

Article: Kotani Pay — A novel Technology enabling Financial Inclusivity for the African continent

The Celo Grant is of importance to us as it will bolster our efforts in 3 key areas:

  1. Expansion of Kotani Pay’s technology and expertise into 4 new African markets: Zambia, Ghana, Uganda and Nigeria.
  2. The addition of more mobile money cash out options for our clients’ end users in the aforementioned regions
  3. The launch of our new products which include the Kotani Pay Deposit API and DeFi API.

We have enabled thousands of people in the first quarter of 2021 to receive payments in cUSD in a seamless, affordable and intuitive way with simplicity and few limitations. We look forward to processing payments for millions more in the coming months. We thank the Celo community for the support and the belief in our mission in Africa and beyond. We look forward to sharing a new tomorrow and walking this path together.

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